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(1025) Rebeccamox
jeu., 4 juin 2020 05:04:37 +0000

You are my heart:

(1024) VernonAmeme
lun., 1 juin 2020 13:31:37 +0000

Grandson fights fatal crash charges

The car, a 2008 GMC Yukon with no seats and only room for two passengers, struck a tree after getting stuck on a gravel road. The driver was not hurt.

The vehicle, named "The Ghost", is about 3.5 metres long by 10 metres wide and has wheels of steel and carbon fibre - a mix of materials previously used in aircraft wings and carbon fibre used in aircraft fuselages. It will not be registered for use in any competition because its design does not fit an existing category, the provincial government said.

"We believe that the new regulations are the right direction from the beginning," Quebec's transportation minister, Gerald Tremblay, said Wednesday. "They're being met."

The government said it has set a Jan. 1 deadline for a design competition to find suppliers for the wheeled truck.

"We will be open to the opportunity to participate in a competition to design a new type of vehicle as long as it meets the following requirements," Tremblay said.

Ocean acidification threatens marine ecosystems and coastal life, including coral reefs and marine mammals in the East Pacific, the East Pacific and South Atlantic.

It says the effects of climate change may well make coral reefs more vulnerable to sea level rise.

The report, published today (25 January) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is just the latest in a series of recent reviews by scientists to warn of potentially devastating effects of climate change, but scientists have largely dismissed the idea of a catastrophic global shift in ocean acidification from its current state of gradual change, known as feedbacks, with each feedback taking 10-20 years to occur.

The ocean is already acidifying and many of its natural systems are failing, scientists report

The ocean is already acidifying and many of its natural systems are failing, scientists report. These include oceanic gyres – and the ocean currents which flow through them – which absorb CO2 and neutralise it; saltmarsh, which has increased to the point that it can carry nutrients from the surface of the sea, to deeper seas; and kelp forests, which absorb seawater back to the ocean.

A major worry is how the planet's oceans will be affected by human-induced climate change. It does not take away from the science and the evidence that rising temperatures may put pressure on seabed and coral reefs, but the changes are already happening.

Carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning alone are forcing climate change to the point at which coral and other deep-sea organisms and animal communities could not adapt to the effects without serious help.

One of the leading climate researchers at the British Antarctic Survey is on the panel to advise the government of the effects the ocean is showing of climate change.

He told the Sunday Times that "it's a fact that if the ocean is warming faster and in bigger waves, the carbon dioxide emitted will go up and that will be bad for everything". He said "in some respects change] might be the world's worst-case scenario but you can't deny it's happening".

The report states that if warming trend continues at an increasingly alarming rate and there is little or no policy to curb emissions "then there will be major problems in the long term".

Professor Kevin Trenberth, an oceanographer and a member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), said: "Even just a modest change to the carbon cycle may have profound impacts on many deep-sea animals and plant communities."

He added: "We'll not see an ocean acidification rate equivalent to today's, but we might. It depends upon the extent to which the ocean is warming, but the sooner it happens the better for the planet."

Professor Judit

(1023) yariksvatov
lun., 1 juin 2020 03:00:13 +0000

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mar., 26 mai 2020 16:21:23 +0000

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Sexe et santé des hommes: causalité
Au cours de nombreuses expériences, les scientifiques ont établi que la principale cause de la mortalité précoce des hommes (et l'espérance de vie moyenne de la partie masculine de la population en Russie n'est que de 59 ans) est une attitude irresponsable envers leur santé sexuelle. Aux premiers dysfonctionnements du système reproducteur, les hommes sont stressés, sortent d'un état d'équilibre mental. Dans 80% des cas, l'irréalisation sexuelle se traduit par des États dépressifs graves, des névroses, des manifestations d'agression incontrôlée. Cela a une explication tout à fait logique du point de vue de la physiologie. Le fait est que l'hormone mâle testostérone, qui est le facteur le plus important dans le travail du cœur, des reins, du foie, du système nerveux, ne peut être produite que dans le processus d'intimité sexuelle. Un homme avec une santé sexuelle chancelante commence souvent à ressentir un malaise général, devient irritable, non assemblé, agressif et trop émotionnel. Et cela conduit directement au fait qu'une personne n'a pas assez de force pour la réalisation de soi, ce qui est une priorité pour les hommes dans la vie.

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